uploading non image file using file column plugin


I am using file column plugin, this plugin uploads my image files properly, This plugin is integrated with RMagic and resizes my image files properly. I also want to upload doc, and excel files but that plugin does not uploads these files.

If any one can tell me how can i upload these files using file column plugin

In controller i have this
def upload_file
if params[:user_picture]!=nil
params[:user_picture].each do |id, image|

                                    @user_picture = PostAttachments.new(image)
                                    #@user_picture.user_id = @[current_user.id](http://current_user.id)
                                    @user_picture.posts_id = @[obj_post.id](http://obj_post.id)



In model i am using

class PostAttachments < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :sections_posts

   file_column :image, :magick => {
      :versions => { "thumb" => "50x50", "medium" => "170x107" }