upload thru IFRAME

I created one Prototype helper.In that a method with following name is there

def form_remote_tag_with_multipart_support(options = {}, &block)    if options[:html][:multipart]        uid = "a#{Time.now.to_f.hash.abs}"        options[:html].merge!(:target => uid)        iframe = capture_haml do         haml_tag :iframe, :class => 'hidden', :id => uid, :name => uid, :src => 'about:blank'        end           url_for_options = options[:html].delete(:action) || url_for(options[:url])           if block_given?             haml_concat iframe             form_tag url_for_options, options[:html], &block           else             <<-html               #{iframe}               #{form_tag url_for_options, options[:html]}             html           end         end       end   end

on view I write <%= form_remote_tag_with_multipart_support :service_list, :url=> service_path, :method => :post do |f|> <% render :partial=> "form" %> <%end%>

its giving ActionView::TemplateError

What's the stack trace behind the error? For starters your helper doesn't check that options[:html] exists, you're calling it with a different number of parameters than you defined it with and you're using <%= even though you're passing it a block.