Upgrade guides are incomplete

Hi there,

I’ve upgraded from Rails 2 -> 3 and Rails 3 -> 4, and in both cases I have found a bunch of upgrade issues that aren’t covered in the upgrade guides. Instead, you’ll find people talking about those issues on Stack Overflow.

It seems to me that submitting a pull request to update the upgrade documentation must be daunting for most of the people in the Rails community. Otherwise, the upgrade documentation would likely be more complete.

It’d be a great for Rails to provide an easier way to submitting issues with the upgrade. I know how that can be a slippery slope, but something about the current process just doesn’t seem to work as well as it needs to.

Maybe an email list that just pertains to upgrades is a good start?


Thank you for bring this up.

An email list for this is a great idea. I myself being dealing with Rails upgrade for years and I think we would benefit from more war stories about upgrades. I’ll think on how make that happen.


I’ve been working (for a very long time now) on upgrading an app from Rails 3.2 to the latest release, stopping along the way. Currently it’s on 4.2, next release will take us to 5.2. But it’s been painful in places.

I’d really like to get involved with improving this for other people.

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