Upgrade a Rails App to a new release of Rails.

Hi All,

I have a rails app which was created with an older version of Rails. 1.1.4 I
think. Is there an automated way to update the rails related app files to a
newer version.

A precise example would be prototype.js which gets updated with new releases of

I am happy to update this manually, I am just curious if there is a Rails way
to do this?


I believe most folks just do a 'rails .' in their project directory,
replacing the appropriate files.

There are rake tasks.

rake rails:update (configs, scripts, and javascripts)


rake rails:update:configs
rake rails:update:javascripts
rake rails:update:scripts

to do them all individually.

Run "rake --tasks" to see all your available tasks.



From a command-line in your project root directory execute the following:

rake rails:update

Also try running rake --tasks for a description of all available Rake tasks.

Hope that helps.