Updating Rails app from 1.2.6 to 2.2.2

Hey all,

Is there any information out there for updating a pre-2.0 rails app?

The problem I'm running into right now has to do with the user system I'm running, which was originally installed as an engine. When I try to run it now I get this error:

/listings/vendor/plugins/login_engine/lib/login_engine.rb:14: undefined method `config' for LoginEngine:Module (NoMethodError)

I expect the solution is fairly simple, but I'm lost as to how to go about finding it.


I don’t know about engines (I started w/ Rails after they fell out of style), but the general advice I recall reading is that you should upgrade a little at a time. For example, say you’re on 1.2.3. You’d upgrade to to 1.2.6. Once you’re running well there, you could go to the latest 2.0.x release, 2.0.5. Then repeat the process to go to 2.1.2 and then to 2.2.2 or as far as you want to go.