Unit Tests

If you have (say) 50 unit tests how do you run them all and check that
there are no failures.
I have a script that runs all the tests but it is difficult to spot
failures in the mass of output....


Just plain 'rake' should run all your tests and count up the

For running all test files, run 'rake' command. For more specific tests:

rake test # Test all units and functionals
rake test:functionals # Run the functional tests in test/functional
rake test:integration # Run the integration tests in test/integration
rake test:plugins # Run the plugin tests in
vendor/plugins/**/test (or specify with PLUGIN=name)
rake test:recent # Test recent changes
rake test:uncommitted # Test changes since last checkin (only
rake test:units # Run the unit tests in test/unit

You can see available rake test tasks, by running 'rake -T test' from
your project directory.

You can also run a test file with ruby:

ruby test/unit/model_test.rb

Or even just a test method by passing it's name to -n switch:

ruby test/unit/model_test.rb -n test_method

- H

Thanks that is exactly what I needed.
I was sure there must be a better way than a script!

A tip if you want nicely colored and formatted output:

        gem install turn
        gem install facets

And then in test_helper.rb:

        require 'turn'

It is somewhat more verbose than the default test/unit output, so it's a
matter of taste. I'm not sure the coloring works on windows though, the
formatting is still good.