Unit Test and RecordNotSaved

I have a Company model that has an after_create callback that creates default roles, users, etc for the new company. In the development environment, this all works great. In my company unit test however, an ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved is thrown on the first attempt to create a role for the new company (and this is also the first attempt to create anything in the after_create callback). I have added logger statements in the code to verify that both the company and new role are valid, and they are. Is there something I am missing? If not, is there a better way to track down why I am getting a RecordNotSaved?


What I meant to say was:

Do @company.save and then puts @company.errors to see what errors there are.

There are no errors. Both the company and the role are valid and the
company is already saved at this point. I logged a company.inspect and
it shows new_record to be false. Both the company and the role return
true from a call to valid?.


Ryan Bigg wrote:

Nm, I found it. I have an abstract base class that was catching a condition and not injecting the error before returning false. Thanks anyway Ryan.


William Pratt wrote: