uninitialized constant Hpricot::XChar


I'm using Hpricot in a Rails app. I'm trying to modify how it parses
non-breaking space entities ( ) so that they are converted into
spaces when using Hpricot's inner_text (instead of being converted to
the corresponding unicode code point). To do this, I am trying this...

Hpricot::XChar::PREDEFINED_U.merge!({" " => 32})

as suggested in

I've put that line at the beginning of the controller where I'm using
Hpricot, and the problem is that when I try to run that code I get the

uninitialized constant Hpricot::XChar

Any idea about why this is happenning? I'm using Rails 2.1.0

Thanks in advance.


I don't know what could be causing that error but my suggestion would
be that, if you can't fix it, just modify the resulting string with
gsub. That's the best I can come up with.

XChar implementation seems to be replaced by "c" based implementation

Changing the above statement to Hpricot::PREDEFINED_U.merge!({" "
=> 32}) seems to execute without errors. I didn't had time to test it