undefined method `in_place_editor'

I'm trying to get Globalization to work using the globalize plugin.
In their sample application they use in_place_editor to edit the
translate strings.

<%= in_place_editor "tr_#{tr.id}",
    :url => { :action => :set_translation_text, :id => tr.id },
    :load_text_url => url_for({ :action => :translation_text, :id =>
tr.id })%>

I get the following error: undefined method `in_place_editor'

I use Rails 2.0.1 and read that in_place_editor, just as auto_complet,
got kicked out of rails converted to plugins. I tried installing the
plugin (script/plugin install in_place_editor) but the plugin could
not be found. The only plugin I could find was Improved
in_place_editor. I installed this plugin, but still got the same

Thanks. It worked.