unable to store data in database

I am developing an application using ror in that i had created a
feedback form using radiobuttton
but the entry of the form is not submitted in the database after
clicking the submit button although the id will b generated
my migration fyl will look like this

class CreateFeeds < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def self.up
    create_table :feeds do |t|
      t.column :name, :string
    t.column :email, :string
    t.column :phone, :integer
    t.column :ovrall_food_qu, :string
    t.column :packaging, :string
    t.column :temp, :string
    t.column :freshness, :string
    t.column :item, :string
    t.column :itemdislike, :string
    t.column :descrp, :string
    t.column :td, :string
    t.column :wps, :string
    t.column :shc, :string
    t.column :suggestions, :string
    t.column :messages, :text

  def self.down
    drop_table :feeds

What does the logs say? Is this in development? if you have a look at
RAILS_ROOT/log/development.log you will see why the submit does not
get saved. Do you have validation? how does the create task look in
your controller?