two plugins replace one partial (Redmine)

Hi everybody,

I develop any small plugins for Redmine ( and have a questinon and became no anwer from the Redmine-Community...

How can I modify different small parts of one partial with two plugins an in wich order work the plugins?

I give an example: I have a Plugin A to modify the "assign to" part in partial /app/views/issues/_form.rhtml. To modify the partial, I have a new partial _form.rhtml at the Plugin A. O.k. that works!

If I have a second Plugin B to modify the part "due date" in the same partial - If I load a new modifyed form, is the plugin-A-form vaporised... :frowning:

What can I do??

I hoped, it´s possible to "overriding" different parts of a "forerunner" partial withe regex e.g. we have the default _form partial and cutting any lines per regex and replace with lines from pluginA and cutting other lines from the "new" _form partial and replace with pluginB lines...

I think, the pure replacing per regex is not a problem.

so, thats my dream :-))

It´s possible to modify the partial renderer?

BTW: maybe it is a good idea to give the plugins a "ranking" - I see that in a CMS (?? Silverstripe, Redaxo???). It was possible to set a number e.g. Plugin A = 30, Plugin B = 40 to set the order of work.

Thanks! knixknax