tutorial: gravatar_image_tag problem

Hi all,

Still working through the Hartl tutorials. Making progress but am hitting (another) wall.

The repository is on github at: git@github.com:aamax/sample_app.git if you want to see the code. I’ve pretty much followed the tutorial exactly except I am using rails 3.1.0 rather than 3.0.1 and some of the other gem versions are different…

I posted a gist entry at https://gist.github.com/1257103

Hopefully I posted enough info to get the idea of what’s going on…seems like I must be using the gravatar_image_tag gem wrong or the rspec test is coded wrong but I’ve read through the tut over and over and can’t find any differences…. If I hard code a link in the show page for an image tag it works great, passes the tests and shows the page…

I do have it showing the page and the gravatar fine now, but the test still fails… if I take the class reference in the gravatar_image_tag gem call it works fine… I figure I’m using the class wrong. I AM using a newer version of the gravatar BUT, I originally was using the specific version referenced in the tutorial and the results were the same…

Has anyone got any experience with this gem and what am I doing wrong? J



Glad to hear it. One thing worth noting for the next time you get stuck -

I'm not sure if the author mentions it prominently, but the source code for the completed tutorial application is available on github at https://github.com/railstutorial/sample_app

I found it very handy to clone it to my machine and then compare my code with the author's version if I had something weird happen. One does not often have the luxury of such a reference.

Dan Nachbar

Good idea.. I haven't done too much customizations on the tut :slight_smile: might help...