Tutorial and Rails 2.0

Can someone help me over this last roadblock...

I'm working through the tutorial above in Rails 2.0

And when I make it to step: "Code Sample 5: post_comment action"
I can not get this to run under Rails 2.0. Errors.
Seems to blow up on the 'Comment.new' line
What is outdated or wrong about the syntax below?

def post_comment
    @comment = Comment.new(
      "post_id" => flash[:post_id],
      "created_at" => Time.now,
      "comment" => params[:comment]['comment']
      if @comment.save
        flash[:notice] = 'Comment was successfully added.'
        redirect_to :action => 'show', :id => flash[:post_id]

Kelly Greer
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What are the errors? Are you getting all of the values you expect
(nothing is nil?)