Trying to use sphinx search engine

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All any kind of help is appreciated. and thanks a lot.

I have to apply sphinx search on my project.
My development environment is windows, My SQL, Ruby Rails but the
project is deployed on Ubuntu.

Q1 ) Can I use sphinx. Will it be a problem if the development is on
windows and deployment is on Ubuntu.

Q2) Also I want to use sphinx search to fetch records, and the result
should only have certain columns which I want to
Q3) fetch for example. I have an object Note(id, name, text, date) and
I want to grab only name and text.

Q4) Can I use thinking sphinx?
Q5) I am not using apache will it be a problem?


1. Although you should be able to get it running in both environments I
would suggest that you keep both the development and production
environments as close as possible. There are lots of little differences
between the operating systems and you will spend time cleaning up bugs
that you wouldn't run into otherwise. I have been playing with Virtual
Box quite a bit recently both at work and at home and it works great as
a development environment.

2. The "result" will be the record and you can display it any way you
want in your view. If you only want to display name and text then
create your form with just those fields. Be aware that you define what
gets indexed so if your question was whether you could limit your
searches to specific fields, the answer is still yes. You just only
index the fields you want to be searchable.

4. Not sure what the question here is but yes, you should be able to
use it.

5. Apache just provides a conduit to your application server and serves
up static content. It makes no difference whether you are using Apache
or another server.


I am trying to install sphinx on windows with mySql support. I am
doing the way told on the sphinx site.
but some how it do not install properly. I am not able to see
sphinx.conf file and sphinx.yml file.

please let me know about SOME THING I m missing.

1)Download .zip file from sphinx site.
2)Extract everything from the .zip file you have downloaded - (or if you need
PostgresSQL support as well.)
3)For the remainder of this guide, we will assume that the folders are
unzipped into C:\Sphinx, such that searchd.exe can be found in C:
\Sphinx\bin\searchd.exe. If you decide to use any different location
for the folders or configuration file, please change it accordingly.
4)set the path variable in windows environment for searchd
5)Install the searchd system as a Windows service:

C:\Sphinx> searchd --install --config C:\Sphinx\sphinx.conf --
servicename SphinxSearch
6)The searchd service will now be listed in the Services panel within
the Management Console, available from Administrative Tools. It will
not have been started, as you will need to configure it and build your
indexes with indexer before starting the service. A guide to do this
can be found under

Now its not installed properly, I am not able to see sphinx.conf and

7) Then I installed thinking-sphinx gem and also tried plugin

(Please tell me which one is the best, plug-in or GEM)

8) how to uninstall the improperly installed sphinx and again install
it properly.

Thanks and regards
Sumeet Panchal

I would take a look at the instructions for Thinking Sphinx, a great
plugin for integrating Sphinx with Ruby...

and a post about installing it on Windows...


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