Trying to upgrade a rails app from 2.3.2 to 2.3.11

  I'm trying to upgrade a rails app to 2.3.11 (from 2.3.2) and I'm
seeing some odd behavior.
I have a link_to_remote call that works in 2.3.2 but not in anything
above that. What I mean by not working is that in my controller I
have a new method that I want to handle a javascript new call and pop
up a form for creating a new user. To get this I have a page with a
link to remote like so:

link_to_remote(image_tag('adduser.gif', :border => "0"),
        :url => new_users_path(:id => @reader.journal_id), :method
=> :get)

in my controller I have a new method such as:

  def new
    @user =
    respond_to do |wants|

and a new.rjs.js with something like:
page.replace_html("add_user_window",:partial =>

This works fine in 2.3.2. Trying to upgrade to anything beyond 2.3.2
and the clicking of link to remote doesn't "register" with the
controller as being a JS call and I get an error saying it can't find
a new.html.erb template. I've changed no other code than to upgrade

Has anyone seen anything like this? I've been trying to read all the
upgrade notes I can get my hands on. I guess I'm looking for ideas,
pointers, suggestions, anything...


Rename your template from new.rjs.js to new.js.rjs and it should work

thanks man!
I'm going to try that right now... that makes a bunch of sense. I
appreciate you taking the time to respond.