Trying to understand importmaps

I’ve asked this on stackoverflow: Rails 7 with Import Maps and CSS Bundling: Assets Not Served from /builds Directory - Stack Overflow

but think the community here can help with my lack of understanding. I’ve been struggling to get my Rails app to serve assets correctly because I’m not very familiar with how import maps and Yarn work together with manifest.js. Specifically, my CSS files are not being referenced properly. Even though the application.css file exists in the app/assets/builds directory, my application tries to load it from /stylesheets/application.css instead of the correct path. I’ve tried various configurations and settings in my development.rb and other configuration files, but the assets still aren’t getting served correctly. It’s been quite frustrating because I’m not sure how to configure everything properly to make it work.

That SO post has links to all my config files that I’ve also put on a gist here with my key config files: