Trying to print on the console a single column from a db

Trying to get a grasp on how ruby works with data, so used to perl. Here is what im trying to do in my app/models scrap.rb

  def self.START

    all = MyDb.find_all_by_server_name('myserver', :limit => 1)

    puts all # all i get back here is the address <MyDb:0x9c56058>

use inspect to get a better view of what you have (it's sorta like Data::Dumper):

   puts all.inspect

    puts all[1] # i want element 1 but i get "nil"


all[1] is the *second* element of the array. all[0] or all.first would be the first. Also, when you use find_all, you will get an empty array if the query doesn't find any matches.

If you just want the first match, use find_by_server_name (no "all" and no :limit). That returns either a single object (if a row is found), or nil if nothing was found.

   row = MyModel.find_by_server_name 'myserver'    puts row.inspect