trying to have pretty localized root url

I have a language scope in my routes, all urls looking good[*path....]

with the exception of the root_url displayed as :

I am trying for a couple of hours to get a root url being : as I get with the initial constraint when no subdomain given, but no way , everytime I use redirect_to root_url , I get this

the default_url_options seems not to be used , as I try to have a debug line in it … no way

def default_url_options(options={})

if request.fullpath == “/”



{ :locale => I18n.locale }



[SOLVED] as I am using Sofa CMS for rendering, I have to replace redirect_to root_url with a redirection to the home page of the CMS…

redirect_to “/#{I18n.locale}#{@cms_site.pages.root.full_path}”