Trouble adding and committing files to git.

Hi, I have some code that uploads a file, then does a git add and git commit using the 'Grit' gem. Trouble is this code sometimes commits a file, and sometimes doesn't.

It usually works when a file has already been committed and is then modified, but doesn't add then commit files that have never been added to the repo before.

Note files are always uploaded to the correct directory, even if not tracked and committed in GIT.

Code from model:

#Using active model class Upload require 'grit' include Grit include ActiveModel::Validations    include ActiveModel::Conversion    extend ActiveModel::Naming

   attr_accessor :message, :upload #attr_accessible :message, :upload, :repo #validates the presence of something in the message field validates :message, :presence => true, :length => { :maximum =>50} validates :upload, :presence => true #Creates hash for storing the info about the uploaded file for validation def initialize(attributes = {})      attributes.each do |name, value|        send("#{name}=", value)      end    end    #takes the upload object and extracts the file. def filesave #Calls the .original_filename method on the upload object and stores in the variable name     name = upload.original_filename      directory = "/home/resource_portal/website/public/data/upload"      # create the file path      path = File.join(directory, name)      # write the file, "wb") { |f| f.write( } # commit the file to the git repo committer = @user repo ="/home/resource_portal/website/public/data/upload") repo.add(upload)      repo.commit_all(message)    end end