Trim all input fields

Hi all,

What is the easiest way to trim all input fields before validation.

Also on error the field should show the trimed version of the data.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

Append a new feature to your models:

module Trimmer
  def self.append_features( base )
    base.before_validation do |model|
      model.attribute_names.each do |n|
        u[n] = u[n].strip if u[n].respond_to?( 'strip' )

require "#{ RAILS_ROOT }/app/models/trimmer"
class ActiveRecord::Base
  include Trimmer

Sorry, this line should actually be:

model[n] = model[n].strip if model[n].respond_to?( 'strip' )

Thanks Greg,

Is there anyway to change this to something better ?

require "#{ RAILS_ROOT }/app/models/trimmer"

is there any way to move it to plugin or helper or somewhere else and
load it in a better way .. thanks ..

You can put it wherever you want it. Seemed like a model-like thing
so I put it in with the models.