Tough modeling problem

Jables wrote:

I have what I think is a fairly complex modeling problem for you guys.

So I have a user class. There are three link type classes: picture,
video, and story. A user can vote, bookmark, and add any of those
types. Essentially I want to be able to say:
user.stories and get the stories the user has uploaded
user.votes.stories and get the votes that are stories
user.votes.videos and get the votes that are videos
user.bookmarks.videos and get the bookmarks for the videos

So these are essentially join tables, but I can't seem to get them to
go properly, have tried polymorphism and has_many_polymorphs, limited
success, limited knowledge.

Now I also want to be able to go the other way:


I will be seriously impressed if anyone can tackle this

Thanks for the help,

class Story < ActiveRecord::Base
~ has_many :votes
~ belongs_to :user

~ end

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
~ has_many :stories
~ has_many :votes
~ has_many :stories_voted_on, :through => :votes, :source => :story

class Vote < ActiveRecord::Base
~ belongs_to :story, :counter_cache => true
~ belongs_to :user


belongs_to and has_many and their friends are what you seek.

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