total noob with a silly question (i'm sure)

Hi guys,

I've been looking at ROR for a wee while. I waited for leopard to get
started as I knew that it was built into leopard. I can get it up and
running fine - in terms of creating a project, launching mongrel and
opening up textmate with the project.

But my problem exists with Mysql. I actually thought Mysql was built
into osx if you installed the developer tools. Is this not the case?

So, I went and d/loaded the package from Good-o. So the
preference pane doesn't work, but that's cool cos I've read that this
is the case in leopard. But now I'm trying to install the ruby gem
mysql thing. My questions begin there:

1. Is the ruby gem mysql (2.7) actually the mysql program (i.e. does
it overwrite or default over the installed v5.0)? Or is it just a
package to allow ruby to "talk" to mysql?

2. How do I use mysql? Anyone got a good link? I don't know if it's
installed properly or how to start it etc... so I was needing a really
simple beginners guide or something.

Thanks in advance


Hi Gareth,

MySQL gem is a ruby gem, which allow ruby to talk to the MySQL…
I dont know about whether Leopard comes with inbuilt MySQL… but you could download latest community version from

for OSX. It’s a dmg… and pretty straight forward. You may have to set the path for mysql… in your bash profile… so that you could try
mysql from command line…

Anil Wadghule