Tooltip with css_tt

Using "css_tt" gem, I was able to create a tooltip.
However, my text (of the tooltip) has many "<br/>".

Here's my view:

<% @tooltip = "Whatever <br/>
This is just an example<br/>
I need many break lines<br/>
Got it?" %>
<%= css_tt("Tooltip:", @tooltip, :title => "My title") %>

In my computer, the tooltip shows a cute text, WITH the break lines.
However, when I try to run the project in ANOTHER computer, instead of
break lines, i get the "<br/>" that I've wrote..

I've tried to use "\n" instead of "<br/>". But it doesn't work in any
computer, even mine.

There's some way to I force the browser to compose the way I want to?

Someone knows what can it be?