toggle the caption of a link

hi all,

I'm trying to toggle the caption of a link between show archive and hide archive? Everytime a user clicks the link the caption should change.

I tried but this simply doesn't work.

Someone can help me out?

Thanks Stijn

  <div id="show_archive">     <%= link_to_function "Show archive" do |page|         if page['show_archive'].value == "Show archive"           page['show_archive'].replace_html("Hide archive")         else           page['show_archive'].replace_html("Show archive")         end     end %>   </div>


First off you should download and install Firebug for firefox to help you debug any javascript errors you may be having.

The problem you are having is because you are calling a non-existent method, value(), on the div element. There is also no RJS method called value:

You should probably just use plain ol javascript for this one so you can check the current innerHTML of the div.

ie. if ($('show_archive').innerHTML == 'Show archive') { ... }

Or you could set some arbitrary attribute on the div and check it

ie... <div id='show_archive' expanded='true' %></div> if ($('show_archive').readAttribute('expanded') == 'true') { ... }


You might take a look at this: