to_xml/to_json and serialized columns

The AR serializer is great, but it if you're dealing with serailized columns it jams yaml into the result, or whatever you're serializing columns to.

If you are serializing the AR object to_xml/to_json, chances are you want the whole object in that format,not part of it.

Is there a way to tell the AR serializer it should to pay attention to serialized columns, rather than simply treating them as text columns?

Sorry...I was incorrect about one thing. The Serializer is detecting which columns are are flagged as serialized, however it will only serialize them as YAML.

So say you have a Customer object, and serialized column called favorite_products, which contains an array of product id's.....

You call Customer.find(1).to_xml, or Customer.find(1).to_json, you respectively get an xml or json representation of that object, however favorite_products will be yaml embedded in into the xml/json.....when more often than not you'd want that to be xml or json as well.