.to_xml defined for Arrays, but not Strings? What?

BTW, in this case there's no, repeat no, ActiveRecord involved. At times
you may want to create some XML that's, horrors, not based on a model
inheriting from ActiveRecord. Or even, any model at all.

If you get this worked up about finding one method in the
documentation and not understanding the purpose of another, I would
recommend another occupation than programming. You're bound to run
into much bigger issues than these over the course of a career in this
profession. It sounds like it'd be best to get out before your soul
surrenders to such rage.

P.S.: For anyone in doubt, this is not acceptable behavior on the
mailing list. If you're looking for help, please filter your anger out
before posting.

Yeah, we really don’t appreciate this “high and mighty” attitude. If you have a problem using Rails or questions about Rails, please state them. The fact that you’re complaining about “normalize”, which is a perfectly valid and oft-used method name all through Computer Science tells me that you’re just looking for something to complain about. In that case, we don’t want you around here. So either drop the attitude or just stop posting here altogether. Thanks.