to_ary removed from ActiveRecord

I was experiment in the console and I did this:

c =

a = c.to_a

which gave this:

(irb):14: warning: default `to_a' will be obsolete

so, since to_a is depreciated then I will use to_ary, right? No. you

a = c.to_ary

NoMethodError: undefined method `to_ary' for #<Client:0xb7f08b80>
        from (irb):15

Now, the interesting thing here is that 'to_ary' was removed from
ActiveRecord on ticket 177 way back before 1.0. Apparently, the method
missing handling of ActiveRecord makes 'to_ary' redundant. So, my
questions are, why doesn't AR provide me with a dynamic 'to_ary' method
when I call it from the console and what am I suppose to load in the
console to get this method?

I fully realize that I can continue to use to_a, as I shall since I have
no option. But what happens when to_a actually disappears? Not that it
ever will in reality, but that depreciation warning is annoying none the
less and I do not wish to turn off all warnings to get rid of one.