TMail 1.2.0

TMail - The Mail Handling Library for Ruby!

TMail is the Ruby Mail handler used in the

Ruby on Rails and Nitro web frame works as

well as many others (now including, the Ruby

Talk mail gateway!).

TMail is now a gem. You can install it on any

platform via:

gem install tmail

Alternatively you can download the source code

or view extra documentation at the website:

Note for Ruby on Rails Users - as of Rails 2.0 RC1,

ActionMailer has a patch applied which will make

it use the installed Gem version of TMail if the

gem version is higher than the bundled TMail

inside of ActionMailer. So installing this gem

will also patch ActionMailer automagically.

Release Summary:

It did not work for me:

$ sudo gem install tmail
Need to update 43 gems from
Successfully installed tmail-1.2.0
$ script/console
Loading development environment (Rails 2.0.1)
=> "1.1.1"

How can I trace the problem?

The problem is that I released 1.2.0 just before 2.0 of rails was
released. 2.0 of rails will take any version of TMail that is in the
1.1.x series.

I will be submitting a patch to ActionMailer to bump it up to 1.2.x
soon and then will keep the next releases in the 1.2.x range.