Tiny_MCE_Plus with ajax

I have used tiny_mce_plus plugin. I have set editor on partial file. And i am submitting form with ajax.

<% form_remote_for(@message,:url => compose_url(params[:login]),:method => :post) do |f| %> <%= f.text_area(:description, :class => "mceEditor", :rows => '8',:cols => '20',:ajax => true) %></div> <%= submit_tag "Send Msg" , :id => submit_mail",:onclick=>"tinyMCE.triggerSave(true,true);" %> <% end %>

This code is working fine on one action.

1) But i have called the same partial from the other action and at that time i am not getting editor value on action side.

2) I am calling the same partial file which contain this form tag. But editor is coming from two actions but it's not coming for other action.

I have used same partial from the different actions but confused why it's not working proper with every action.