Timestamps in migration

Hi there!
If we create migrate with


it will add lines

t.datetime “created_at”
t.datetime “updated_at”

In schema.rb file.

What are you think about if by default in this case null option will be false without explicitly specifying?

I think this is already the default in Rails 5. Isn’t?

My bad. Yes, it is. But in 4.2.7 it is`n. You specify not add it in 4s versions?

Yes. And I think in Rails 4.2 it show a deprecation warning to tell people that it is going to default to null: false in Rails 5

Thank you, I will be more attentive

No problem at all. I’m really not sure if the deprecation is there so if it is not please let us know so we can fix this.

Yes, in 4.2.5 it is. But after rake db:migrate I not seen it. This behavior is strangely. This confused me, and so I created this topic.