three levels of indirection

In the following hypothetical scenario, I'd like to associate Books
with Clubs without using finder_sql. Apparently, if you use
finder_sql, all the find_in_collection methods are not added to the
associated objects. Without which I won't be able to call
my_club.books.find(:all, :conditions => 'is_read = true') or to do
pagination for example.

Class Club < ActiveRecord::Base
            has_many :memberships
            has_many :readers, :through => :memberships

            #DOES NOT WORK
            #has_many :books, :through => :readers

            #DOES NOT ADD find_in_collection METHODS
            #has_many :books, :finder_sql =>
            # %q{
            # select distinct books.*
            # from books
            # join memberships on books.reader_id
= memberships.reader_id and memberships.club_id = #{}
            # order by books.read_at desc
            # }

Class Memberships < ActiveRecord::Base
            belongs_to :club
            belongs_to :reader

Class Reader < ActiveRecord::Base
            has_many :memberships
            has_many :books

Class Book < ActiveRecord::Base
            belongs_to :reader

Does anyone have any idea how I can create this association without
rewriting the find_in_collection methods?


Perhaps I could write my own find method and extend the association
proxy? Is there a more elegant way?