Third party file transfer

Hi All,

I need to fetch the data form rails application and store each data to one third party tool(EZLynx) API. Anyone can help me.

Thanks for advance


What exactly are you having trouble with?

do they have an API?

Thanks for your reply,

I am working with a insurance project. Here i need one requirement,

Admin should fetched all user details from Rails application and store into third party site(EzLynx).

So, I have created a XML file with each user details it should be store in EzLynx.

Currently, i need help for how to make the upload process with third party site(EzLynx).

Are you trying to do this file upload from within a running application
or from the command line or what?

Does the ExLynx API not document how it accepts data?

yes, this file upload process in running application only not in command line.

FYI, This process should be work with a click event.

The ExLynx documentaion based on webservices code, but i have created XML files with user data.

Why "create files" if there's no documented upload function? That
makes no sense.

Just use their API to upload the data directly.

Thank you Hassan.