Thinking Sphinx Problem

Hi, I am using Thinking Sphinx version 2.0.11 in one of my project. To create an index I ran rake thinking_sphinx:index and I got the following error

Generating Configuration to /home/saidev/Ubuntu One/burgundy/ssearch/config/development.sphinx.conf rake aborted! At least one field is necessary for an index

Tasks: TOP => thinking_sphinx:index (See full trace by running task with --trace)This is the first time I am using Sphinx on Rails. Any help?

It’s hard to tell. It looks like you don’t have anything defined in define_index.

If you have

define_index do

indexes name


in your model and it doesn’t work

try to tests

indexes “‘’”, :as => :empty

and try then.

Did you look on ?

I found everything there. They have good documentation

We got it! Thanks. We Installed Sphinx from Ubuntu repository thatn from downloading it from the Sphinx page.