Thin Controler - Limiting case

I've come back to working with Rials after a tie away and picking up a half completed project.

One of the controllers was based on a something I found on the web but can no longer find. It was a definitively 'thin' controller. Basically, it went like this:

class XyzController < ApplicationController

  public   def firstmethod end   def secondmethod end   def thirdmethod end


  def method_that_does_something      ....   end end

And of course the views/Xyz/firstmethod etc and the helper did 'real work'. Presumably the views had some other smarts in the :slight_smile:

I can no longer find the article on-line (google only does so much and you have to wade though the rest) and I can't find the article in y bookmarks.

I was wondering if anyone recalled the article or could point me to something about such anorexically slim controllers.