There is something rotten in the state of Denmark

<snip entirely inappropriate sarcasm>

Your db username or password is wrong, your MySql server is not
started, or you haven't created the database

This has nothing to do with Rails - I suspect you went throught the
environment setup part of the tutorial a bit too quickly.

You may also want to read up on netiquette. The Rails mailing list is
a place where a bunch of very helpful people go out of their way to
answer questions. Making snide comments about a framework a whole lot
of people feel passionately good about will not help your getting
meaningful answers. Just tone it down.


Seems clear to me hamlet hoped not to get much out of the tutorial in the first place.

Hopefully you can reflect on the days you were beginning with your current framework/language and compare your experiences.
Rails programmers wouldn’t be Rails programmers if the framework were as flimsy as you suggest.

Are you going to have speed bumps while you learn “The Ruby Way?” Yes.
Will you be as productive with Rails during the honeymoon period as you are with the language you’ve been using for x years? No.

That should be obvious when you learn anything new.