The "Rails Way" to Handle field_error_proc and Field with Error

Hey everyone!

I was recently playing around with rendering inline errors using the normal Ruby on Rails view stack, when I came across this blog post. There’s certainly some interesting stuff in there, but one of the things that stuck out to me particularly is how the field_error_proc attached to the base ActionView class can be modified to render inline errors by default.

I did some looking around to try and learn more about how this proc is inserted into forms built with the Rails form helpers, and I struggled to find information on the topic. I couldn’t find anything exposed on the API docs, and the only thing that I found in Rails Guides is this section on changing the proc using the Rails’ configuration features. A particularly frustrating part of this is not knowing how the Rails form builder processes this proc, and what methods the default arguments for this proc respond to.

I was wondering if anyone could provide some historical context as to why this feature exists as part of the form builder, and if there’s a prescribed way to interact with it. Given current trends in web design, it seems like this could be a really useful feature, but it seems to be something that’s difficult to find information on, and that many people don’t take advantage of.

I hope that this topic can spark some conversation around the feature. I’d love to hear all of your experiences or insights into this topic.

I don’t have much to offer as a historical context, but I’ve recently worked on form building and am looking into preparing a PR for

It could be helpful If you have an input of what the implementation in this PR should handle.

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Hey! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the subject.

I think rolling something like this into the form builder API could work really well! I think this could also help cover the gap in documentation for the feature.

I’d love to offer some commentary or assistance with the PR, but unfortunately I’m a pretty amateur developer. If you have some kind of direction or architecture suggestions, I think I could be able to help from there. I just don’t want to offer uneducated advice.