The {{key}} interpolation syntax in I18n messages is deprecated...

All, Has anyone seen this - I am getting the following deprecation warning when running my functional tests under rails 2.3.8 (just moved an app from 2.3.4 up to 2.3.8 in prep to move to Rails 3 — if you think this problem is solved in Rails 3 then let me know):

The {{key}} interpolation syntax in I18n messages is deprecated. Please use %{key} instead.

I have isolated the problem to the following line in my model — when I do not add this error everything is fine:

errors.add_to_base(“Uploaded file must be present”) if !self.uploaded_file_content

Also tried this but same result:

errors.add(:uploaded_file_content, “Uploaded file must be present”) if !self.uploaded_file_content

The irony is on this app I have no use for i18n. Would be also just as glad to turn it off, but of course that would only be a band-aid.

Thanks in advance!


Please disregard this post. I just switched to using rvm, and seems that the issue auto-corrected.

Also interestingly, my tests sped up, taking less than 30% of the time they used to take (units used to take 90 seconds, now 23 seconds). Not sure if this is due to using a slightly higher build number of ruby or to credit rvm. Either way, nice surprise.

I noticed that error message when using the i18n gem instead of Rails' default i18n. Could that have been the issue?

I seem to have obliterated my previous install of Ruby while installing rvm so I will never know. But I am so happy with rvm that I am overlooking this mishap. At least I was not consciously using the i18n gem if this was the case.