The command moved into a separate package: @webpack-cli/serve


When i am running foreman start to run the local server, it is always showing the following message and stop working.

16:45:22 web.1       | started with pid 6193
16:45:22 webpacker.1 | started with pid 6194
16:45:23 webpacker.1 | The command moved into a separate package: @webpack-cli/serve

my ruby version is 3.0.1 and rails version is 6.1.4

upgrade webpack/cli showing more errors. what is the solution?

although when i am removing this line of code from Procfile , no errors are showing any more.

webpacker: ./bin/webpack-dev-server

Hi @SM_Ehsan, You’ll need to pin webpack-dev-server to v3:


hello @petrik

Thank you for your nice replay. what about the old project. should i run yarn add --dev webpack-dev-server@^3 this command in old project too?

Thank you

@SM_Ehsan Yes, I think so :slight_smile:

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