Testing Rails app

Hi everyone i want to test a rails app and i have no idea on testing the rails app. Can any guide me how to test a rails app and what are the best way to test an app.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=test+rails+app

Imagine that each of those results is someone answering your question
before you asked it. Read them, and then ask any specific questions
you have about implementing their advice.

Also the tutorial at railstutorial.org, which is free to use online,
gives a good introduction to testing. If I remember correctly you
were pointed at this tutorial on this mailing list on 12th August and
28th December last year and on 28th Feb this year. It is pointless
asking questions if you ignore the answers.


i have followed rails guid and i got error and i posted in this link


i found the error