testing: i understand it, but i don't get it (fully)

Matthew Isleb wrote:

Personally, I find unit tests to be rather tedious. I mean, testing
whether or not an object gets saved to the database or an associated
model gets updates seems fairly trivial. Functional tests are much more
useful, I think, because you are testing all the way through to the

Try writing the test first, and never write production code until you
can get a test to fail.

You don't write ActiveRecord::Base#save, so don't bother testing it.
Any logic your models provide (maybe logic that could be refactored
out of the controllers) gets new tests in the model.

Come to think of it, I don't test before adding has_many or similar.
Maybe I should; the feature that needs the has_many should itself have
a test that will fail if its not there...