Testing get :new

I have a RESTful :new method to present a form. I have implemented
this new method to use a params value params[:site_id]. For example,
the URL to this form would be : http://localhost:3000/reviews/new?site_id=1005
Now I need to test this new method. How do I put in the params value
in the test? The following line does not seem to do the work.

get :new, :site_id => 1005


maybe it is expecting this??

{:review => {:site_id => 10000000000000005}}

What do you mean by 'it does not work'? Do you mean the test does not
work or the id does not appear in the params? What is shown in
test.log for that request? Using ruby-debug or similar what is in
params for that request?


Sorry everyone. Wrong diagnostic.

get :new, :site_id => 1005

is the correct way to pass params to "get." I just messed up my
fixtures. That's all.

Thanks to your help, I knew I needed to look somewhere else for the
problem. Thanks.