Testing for the existence of templates

Hey folks,

I've run into the need to test for the existence of template files in several Rails apps I've worked on. Particularly in circumstances where I'm rendering a partial, and use a different partial template for different sub-classes of a model object. When doing so, I often test to make sure the template file exists first, and simply skip that item if no template exists.

So right now I rely on a cludgy and annoying:

File.exist?( File.join( ActionController::Base.template_root, "layouts", "some_subdir", "_%s.rhtml" % method_param ))

Anyone have a better, more elegant (and less hackish) method of doing this?

-Justin Wienckowski

I discuss some techniques for this in

You might consider using request.controller and request.action, and/or creating a hash of path names so you can centralize @path_names['x'] vs hard coding those directories.