testing authentication with basic_auth

hi, I've got an api which is using

What are you guys using to test this? I'm using rspec, and before I
was using rspec-rails, I was using authorize from Rack::Test to do the
authentication. However, authorize clearly doesn't work when using
rspec-rails, so I'm wondering what everyone else is doing?

Download the Rails source code from Github and look at the http_basic_authentication_test.rb to see how to test http basic authentication.

In general read the source code of popular plugins, you will learn how they solve common problems.



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Thanks but that didn't help. I've followed the documentation here:


I don't understand why authorize broke, but nothing else I try seems
to work either. Help is appriciated.

I should probably mention that this is with rails3 and the file you
refer to doesn't exist in rails3

here we go... I filed this ticket: