tell me how to rectify this error

hi i am using this command to scaffold

G:\my\webblog>ruby script/generate scaffold Comments comments:text

but i got the folllwoing error, can any one help to rectify htis

You don't seem to have included the error.
It would be more conventional to have
ruby script/generate scaffold comment description:string

Note that comment is singular and without upper case (not Comments)
which will make a model class Comment for a table comments containing
a text field description. I don't know whether having a field with
the same name as the model would cause a problem, but in any case in
the code if you then have a Comment object @comment then referring to
@comment.comments is a bit odd. @comments.description or another field
name that you like seems more natural.


Sorry I am getting it wrong myself now, it should be
ruby script/generate scaffold Comment description:text