TDD killing my joy of Rails

Rails went from fun ActiveRecord magic tricks to a world of 'TEST
FAILED.' As a beginning Rails developer it has really taken all the fun
out of RoR development.

Well, TDD *is* a choice. If it's bad for you, exercise free will!

Is TDD so much better than writing methods and
testing using a combination of the application interface and Navicat to
check the database?

Yes, it is. No question in my mind. TDD generally will slow you down
when you start using it, like anything new. But you'll soon get into
the habbit, and you'll be writing better code.

The big boost the you cannot see since you haven't experienced it yet,
is when the application becomes more complex, and you make a change that
you KNOW works fine, and a test fails. You'll grumble and say, "You see,
THAT is why I hate TDD."

Then, while fixing the damn test, you'll realize there's nothing wrong
with it. You'll then know, without question, why TDD works. It allows
you to make not only trivial changes with confidence, but serious tear
the wires out changes, and know that when the tests pass, you're good
to go.

Because I hate it.

That's a not insignificant part of the problem. :slight_smile: