,port).readline hangs on windows :(

Hi Guys

I am starting a new thread as it seems my gripe isnt to do with
Juggernaut but with TCPSocket - which is used by Juggernaut.

Turns out that the thing that actually hangs up in Juggernaut after x
(130/1500/16000) iterations of

(1..1000).each {|i| Juggernaut.show_clients}

Is actually the line

res << @socket.readline(CR) if response

in juggernaut.rb.

Seems @socket.readline behaves nicely when there is something to read,
but fails miserably with a hangup when there isnt. Even a socket to my
pop mailserver fails:

@socket = (mailserver,110)
@socket.readline >> "+OK\r\n"
@socket.readline >> hang

Maybe I am grasping at straws here - for a full description of my
problem with Juggernaut on Windows see

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Pieter Hugo