Table name not escaped on dropping index


I’ve noticed that Rails was not properly escaping the name of a table when dropping an index which caused it to generate invalid SQL when the table was named “values”. I’ve reported and then made a patch for it:

The patch is in the issue and you can also see my change in here:

I wrote a test for it but I’m not sure if that’s the proper style of testing; actually, I’m quite sure it isn’t, but since I need to create a separate table for this test I wasn’t sure what was the best approach. Anyone cares to tell me so I can improve this patch?



I'm really new to contributing to Rails, so I'm not sure how is the
process like. I've wrote this patch some time ago, do I need to get
people to +1 it to get it applied? Is there anything else expected
from me?



I just applied this patch in my copy of rails master; it applies
cleanly and all of the tests which pass in master pass with the patch
applied on SQLite3, MySQL and Postgres.

So I just gave it a +1 on LH.