synatx error while running migration

hello to all,
i am getting weird syntax error while running the rake db:migrate
syntax error, unexpected tSYMBEG, expecting kDO or '{' or '('

Apparently i am creating an engine in my main application using
'ruby script/generate plugin' command in rails 2.3.0 with engine having
its own separate database define in database.yml of main application
something like this
#database of my main application
  adapter: mysql
  encoding: utf8
  database: user_development
  pool: 5
  username: root
  password: root123
  host: localhost

#database of the engine
  adapter: mysql
  database: pms
  username: root
  password: root123
  host: localhost

i have also define the necessary code inside my all engine models and
migration files
like this
code of

   class Project < ActiveRevcord::Base
    self.establish_connection :pms


    class CreateProjects < ActiveRecord::Migration
      def self.connection

       def self.up
         create_table :projects do |t|
          t.string :name
          t.text :description
          t.integer :manager_id


        def self.down
          drop_table :projects

and one finale thing is that i have also setup many-to-many association
between Model of my main application and Model of my engine
i.e between User model of main application and Project Model of engine

The point of telling all this is i am starting to think whether i done
something wrong somewhere cuz the databases is created but i always get
the error define above while running migrations

Hey Virendra,

Run rake db:migrate --trace to see what line in what source file the error is.

Gustav Paul