Switching from MiniMagick to ImageProcessing

I’ve had my Rails app on Rails 6 for a while, but I haven’t gone through the process of switching mini_magick out for image_processing yet. I was looking into it today, but there weren’t many details on how this upgrade is supposed to happen.

Do I have to switch from ImageMagick to libvips for this upgrade? Is mini_magick support still going to be dropped in 6.1?

Original change: Merge pull request #32471 from janko-m/use-image_processing-gem · rails/rails@ef5902a · GitHub

Not quite. image_processing supports both ImageMagick (through mini_magick) and libvips. Active Storage won’t support using mini_magick directly anymore.

If you’re using mini_magick on 6.0, you’ll want to have image_processing bundled for 6.1. That’s pretty much it. mini_magick is Active Storage’s default image_processing backend, so there’s nothing else you need to do.

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Thanks! That clarifies things :slight_smile:

No problem! We should make sure to cover this in the upgrading guide. Up for a PR?