swfupload with active_record_store? Or any other 'mass'-uploader?

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Has anyone successfully integrated swfupload into his/her rails (2.x) project using a non cookie based session store? I am asking because with the active_record_store (let alone stefan kaes' sql_session_store) I can't get it to work at all, when re-enabling cookies (meh) it works .. uploading wise, but now I get InvalidAuthenticityToken Exceptions in other places, e.g. when destroying an object.

Alternatively, does anyone know (first hand) any other, rails- friendlier mass-uploading solutions?

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You’re going to face the same problem with all of them, and to be honest, SWFUpload is the only one I got to work with Rails >2 apps.

If you follow my instructions as I posted them a while ago, you should be able to get it to work (my solution works for sure with the cookiestore, but it should work for any session store):


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Peter De Berdt

Hello there Peter,

thanks! I've taken your modified swfupload fix and simply added a tiny block to accommodate the ActiveRecord:Store


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We applied the patch as Peter described and had good results. Recently, the uploads started failing for a significant number of our users - they are told to login even though they already authenticated. We upgraded to Rails 2.1.1, so I'm looking for a cause there (though tests succeed). I'm also looking for browser-specific behavior, since some users seem to be able to upload successfully.

Please let me know if you've seen any new issues crop up with Rails 2.1.1.

> Has anyone successfully integrated swfupload into his/her rails (2.x)

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One thing to be aware of, is that the Flash Player 10 beta will break all of the current Flash-based uploaders because of new security measures put into place. A workaround solution has been posted on the Adobe Flash blog (putting a transparent flash movie over the link instead of calling some javascript that triggers the file dialog from the onclick event) but I don’t think any of the uploaders has implemented such a solution yet.

I haven’t come across your problem though, even though our users have a variety of browsers (we don’t support IE6 anymore, and have no official support for Opera and Chrome (yet)).

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Peter De Berdt

The current swfupload 2.2 betas have that workaround integrated.. and it works perfectly fine. Only minor changes need to be made the way the swfupload is initialized...